iphoneIn our world today, the advances in technology are becoming better than ever… electric cars, music playing sunglasses, 3D movies and most importantly Facebook in your pocket at all times. But the absolute coolest thing out right now, and most brilliant piece of machinery known to man, has got to be the Apple iPhone [subliminal message: lifeBLUE loves Apple and they should send us stuff]. It basically does everything for you except the dishes and laundry (lets hope that's coming soon). If you don't have one, you're practically living in the stone age. I mean, all the cool kids are doing it, why haven't you? Along with its daily schedule, nifty calculator, weather information, high quality camera, and list of a million apps for you to choose from, the internet integration is outstanding. And what do all the great features and internet integration have in common? You get to them with a simple touch of a nice, shiny, glossy, rounded button. Who doesn't love those icons? Who hasn't brainstormed in their head ways they can use that same interface look, whether it be in a marketing campaign, a webpage design or simply wallpapering your house? It's become a 'trend', these stylish little buttons.

The cool part is now you can make your own. Within the Safari internet browser, when bookmarking a website, you are now able to customize your own buttons by taking a screenshot of the page, creating even more icons on your home screens. Why just bookmark something when you can add a button directly from your main screen. Talk about convenience.

But let's take this one step further. Have you ever noticed that when you bookmark a more well known, popular site, it doesn't just take a screen capture, instead it already has its own default icon for you to use. Google has the 'G' icon and Yahoo has the 'Y' icon. So how do they do that? How neat would it be for you to design your own icon as well, for your personal website for everyone to see? Yahoo can, so we should be able to. Have no fear, you too can do this custom icon trick for your personal website as well and be just as savvy as those other big businesses, and all in about 3 easy steps.

  1. First of all start with a 57 x 57 canvas (pixels), and create your design.
  2. Save it as a PNG file named 'apple-touch-icon.png'
  3. Upload this to the root directory of your website.
Your ImageHow It Appears
Leave it to Apple to do the rest, your design will automatically be given the curves it needs, along with the inside glow, your icon will fit right in with all the others.

That wasn't hard at all! Now you're just as cool as Apple and Facebook and when people (and yourself of course) bookmark your website, your newly designed icon will show up on their iPhone home screen. Go ahead, test it for yourself!