As we approach the best time of year, everyone's getting in the spirit in their own ways. Whether it be decorating the house with Santa's and snowmen, hanging the mistletoe, dressing the dogs up in ridiculous jingle bell outfits, or putting antlers on the family car, there are so many ways to kick start the holiday season and begin getting into this blissful time of year. But as we add a little fa-la-la-la-la to the house, and spoil the children with candy canes, are we taking everything into consideration when adding that holiday touch to our lives. What about your website? They have feelings too, right?

What better way to dive into the hearts of your users than to give them a warm seasonal welcome when they come to your website. And you don't have to go into over-kill mode with the green and red, balls of holly, and stockings. Something subtle will do. Tidy up your logo with a fresh holiday look, add a few presents, or simply change out a few images. A little bit of touch up work could go a long way and quickly turn your site into a winter wonderland.

Here are a few companies that have gotten into the spirit and made their websites festive for the holidays.

Let's start with one of our own. Mom and Popcorn, a lifeBLUE designed website, here in McKinney Texas, went seasonal with a logo makeover and a Santa hat incorporated into their vintage look. These 2 very subtle features really give you a warm holiday welcome.


Even the biggest names in the industry change up their sites. Google and Yahoo are two that are notorious for logo changes.
Even something as simple as changing your main background can give your site a nice touch. Old Navy uses a nice Christmas collage as the background, as well as ornaments for displaying prices. Michaels took the very clean approach by adding snow flakes to the main background, with a touch of green and red accents throughout.
Then there's always using your favorite seasonal characters as a way to get in the spirit.
And if you still need ideas, simply replace graphics, or add a few holiday images throughout. Some snow, a couple presents, or a Santa hat. No matter what your idea is, just one graphic could change the whole feel of your website.
Do you have any seasonal favorites that come to mind?