fonts.jpgOne of my favorite things to play with in this creative industry is fonts! There are so many of them out there, thousands I've never even seen before, but I try to be aware of as many as I can. Here are a few free resources to use, if you're looking to expand your font library.

  1. 1001 Free Fonts - Simply put, here is a source giving you 1001 fonts, free of charge!
  2. Font Freak - Whether you use Mac or PC, font freak has many cool fonts to choose from.
  3. Urban Fonts - If you're into curly, funky, stencil or anything else, they have lots to choose from.
  4. Da Font - Many font styles to choose from, such as groovy, horror, medieval and graffiti.
  5. Font Squirrel - Choose from their latest features or a slew of other great categories.
  6. Abstract Fonts - Looking for different and unique? This the perfect source to step outside the box!
  7. Font Space - You're sure to find what you're looking for whether it is trendy, spacey, handwriting or anything else.
  8. Font Cubes - For the most up-to-date font styles, this should be your first stop. Check out their dingbats collection as well.
  9. Fonts 101 - Thousands of more fonts to choose from. Allows you to type in your text, to try out the font before you download!
  10. Jabroo - Want to preview your text, choose a color, and background color. This font engine is sure to help you pick the right one.
Do you have any other font sites you frequently visit?