University of lifeBLUE MediaCollege of Web DesignDepartment of Business AdministrationLBWBB101: Web Business Basics for Optimal Online Presence

Professor: Dr. BlueClass Times: Approximately every 4 weeks.

Office Hours: M-F 9AM-5PM or by appointment.Office Phone: 972-984-1899Email: accountservices at lifeblue.comWebsite/Blog Address: &

Course DescriptionThis course is designed to meet the needs of website owners in terms of taking simple, often overlooked principles of website practices and bringing them to focal point to provide long term results. The impact of utilizing a strong web presence will make significant strides in separating successful and growing Enterpreneurs from run of the mill websites. Some basic familiarity with computers, Internet, and websites is required, however resources can be provided by visiting during regular office hours.

Learning Objectives1. Ability to dissect and implement simple strategies for an effective online presence.2. Learn how to grow online business opportunities to maximize investment.3. Introduce important concepts that the average student can accomplish and likewise what should be left to web experts.

ReadingCheck back every 4 weeks for future online posts.Read other blogs posted by web professors at lifeBLUE Media.

Grading 25% on design, structure and layout of website.15% on content and consistency of updates.25% on website usability and functionality.25% on website conversions.10% on course comments for specific course posts.AttendanceAll courses are mandatory for full course credit and certificate of completion.

Course PoliciesIn order to track attendance, all attendees must comment on the course posts within the lifeBLUE blogs section.Additional/MiscellaneousPlease refer any questions to the comments section below.