When we build a site we all have the grandiose visions that 90% of a site's visitors are clicking, buying, and filling out every piece of information, right down to their first born child.

Ahhhh…and then we wake up.

If only this could be true. The unfortunate fact remains that you might not ever be able to quite figure out what every user had in mind when they visit your site. Many factors play into this; such as the referral source of the user, content displayed on the page, relevancy of the page they land on, and how much the background colors resemble the same color of Chardonnay they had too much of last night. The best anyone can do is utilize some of these simple techniques to help guide users to the promised land (or conversion area for the less dramatic).

1. Make your conversions the focus.

Is your site selling chrome widgets? Make sure when users come to your site that it is unmistakable where to click to purchase or find out more about chrome widgets. Large buttons and the right color patterns are one of several tactics that get people to click.

2. Make content enticing, not boring.

Instead of long drawn out paragraphs, try using bullet points, bolding, and caps to draw attention where necessary. The key is not to overkill attention getters as it will just blend in, however still give access to larger sections of content through sub pages of the full information. While most users won't read it, there may still be some people that may want to see this.

3. Keep your conversion areas throughout.

Use every page of your site to highlight your conversions and focus. Don't let your users get deep into your site without constantly presenting an opportunity for them to transition into a conversion. The odds are that the more pages they visit, the more interested they are in your site and therefore your site needs to make it as easy as possible for them to convert.

4. Use Google Analytics.

No, Google didn't pay me for this but it's free and it is awesome. Need I say more? Google Analytics allows you to see reports ranging from the user source, landing pages, to exiting pages. You can also view statistics such as average time on site, bounce rate, and more. These kinds of statistics can give you plenty of information on what you can do to beef up your conversion rate.Sign up for a free account here: https://www.google.com/analytics/