The web is a vast landscape and in this months newsletter we explore a handful of fun and occasionally useful points of interest. At times, ecommerce, online marketing, researching and online information can overshadow all the wonderful distractions to be found on the net.

The Internet is an interactive medium, so unlike your TV it is entertainment that engages and quite literally involves the viewer. This list we have assembled is only a small sample of web projects which have taken such concepts well out of the box and really express that interactive element. While these seem to be great time wasters, the genius behind it is the possibility of a large return on investment though advertising.

Make Your Own Warning Label OnlineMake your own custom warning label easily by choosing an image and type in your own message. JacksonPollock's Original DesignUse this application to express your creativity while making a pretty cool mess. Using your mouse to splatter paint has never been so fun, enjoyable or creative!
Pop Bubble Wrap OnlineRemember all those times that your mom and dad told you to stop popping that bubble wrap? Now you can pop it to your heart's content. The 'manic mode' lets you go crazy to your hearts content. Subservent ChickenThe Subservent Chicken, brought to you by Burger King, is a man in a chicken suit, standing in the middle of a room. Input a suggestion and wait while then chicken will do what you say. Let your imagination wonder while laughing at the chicken.
Obamicon.MeThe Presidential election is over but everyone still wants to express themselves just like Obama. Make your own 'Obamicon', inspired by Shepard Fairey's iconic poster. aM LaboratoryaM Labroatory is a wave-map that can be triggered by each square. Selecting squares makes and changes the tune heard. Turn up your volume and make some sweet music.
Falling Sand GameFalling Sand Game is a simulator game in which the user places particles inside the screen to watch the types of elements react with each other creating many possible scenarios. You have never had so much fun playing with fire, water, salt, oil and sand! Sprout BuilderSprout Builder is a visual solution that allows creative professionals to easily create branded, rich-media content and widgets. Sprout Builder can help you produce and launch a branded social media campaign.
ChaChaSimply text or call in your question from your mobile phone as if you were talking to a smart friend and ChaCha will send you the answer. It's that easy! KulerA designers dream, Adobe Kuler generates color themes that can inspire any project. No matter what you're creating, with Kuler you can experiment quickly with color variations and browse thousands of themes.

Do you have a favorite site that helps you sit back, relax and pass the time? Send us your favorite time wasters on the Internet and we will post it in our blog section in the coming weeks.