In today's illustrious technology age, one must always stay competitive in their respective marketplace. One of the most cost effective means of reaching a targeted market has become Pay-Per-Click advertising. There are several venues out there such as MSN and Yahoo, but lets be realistic. 95% of searches come through Google so lets discuss Adwords. Short and sweet here is 10 reasons why everyone with a website needs to be engaged in online advertising.

1. Targeted Traffic- Imagine if you could direct everyone who came to your doorstep and take them to the exact place in your store where they wanted to buy something. With Adwords you can direct people to the exact web page based upon the keyword they type in.

2. Geo-Targeting- With Adwords you can only focus your ads to people within a given location radius. Whether its Hong Kong or Washington D.C. you can minimize extraneous costs by only displaying your ads to consumers within your specified locality.

3. Low Cost- Spend as much or as little as you like. You can set up daily and monthly budgets that automatically stop displaying your ads when you max out your budget. Longer keyword sets can cost as little as 5 cents a click!

4. Flexibility- Are you the only person that works within your business? Turn your marketing efforts on and off based upon your workload. Therefore you are not spending costly marketing dollars when you can't even handle the business.

5. Reporting- With Adwords reports you can see what keywords are effective based upon cost, how many sales you had, and even how many people searched the terms you are bidding. No other type of marketing gives you these kind of details.

6. Features- Adwords comes with so many features such as keyword generation tools, language preferences, budget recommendations, traffic estimation tools, and more. Its a one stop marketing shop. And best of all, they are free!

7. Reach- If you can think of a phrase related to your keyword, odds are someone is probably searching for it. The more keywords you have related to your business and/or product, the more likely you are to grab a piece of the market.

8. Testing- Using Google's Optimizer tools you can test which landing pages, ad copy, and keywords work most effectively so you can get the most out of your marketing budget.

9. Easy to Use- Anyone can get started in a matter of a few hours with an Adwords campaign. Its instant marketing and all it takes is a little dedication and just a handful of dollars.

10. Effective- The bottom line is that Google Adwords is one of the most effective marketing techniques that exist anywhere on this Earth. Why else do you think Google is a multi-gazillionaire?

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