Some would argue choosing a domain name is the most important first steps you will taken when setting up your online presence. Here are some tips to take into consideration when picking the perfect domain name:

  1. Make it two words or less. Think of some of the most used or visited sites...,,,, you get the picture.
  2. Try to stay away from using numbers. You don't want to take the chance with confusion. People will not know whether to spell out "eight" or write "8".
  3. Register your domain name NOW! You don't want to get stuck with ""
  4. Don't include a location, unless you only serve that specific location. Even if you do ship nationwide, you may never get the chance to let customers know that.
  5. Dot what? Dot com is probably the way to go.
  6. Try to get em' all. Once you have nabbed, try to get the .net. If you have "" and "" no one else can take it. **You don't need a separate website for each domain; several domains can point to the same site.**
  7. When you have settled on several available name choices, see what your friends and clients have to say. A name that may make perfect sense to you may be too hard for others to remember. Is your name easy to say? It is hard to spell? Do you have to explain why you chose the name?

These are only a handful of things to take into consideration when choosing the right domain name for your new website. Overall, just make sure it's short, sweet and to the point. Chances are if you have to think too hard about it, so will your clients. The more self explanatory the domain is, the better your chances in getting lots of hits!