Creating a Web site that caters to the masses isn't easy. Most of your broad-appeal sites like, or similar monsters have the backing of major established companies willing to put down large amounts of capital to see them succeed. That can't always be the case for someone who wants to start up a site and see it grow into a success. That's why the key to online success is finding a niche market and giving them what they need.

The real beauty of the World Wide Web is that you have billions and billions of bytes of information dedicated to just about anything you can think of. If you look around the Internet, how many times have you thought to yourself, 'wow, there's actually someone out there that likes this stuff?' The best part is that there is still room for more!

Want to check the value of that vintage Partridge Family lunchbox that's been sitting in your closet for a decade? No problem. Sites like can point you in the right direction. Or maybe you just need to find out the date that Stan Musial played his last game for the St. Louis Cardinals. Yep, is there to help you out (September 29, 1963 by the way).

That's really the key to success when starting up a new Web business. You have to ask yourself what need exists out there that you can fill. And in the ultimate example of finding a niche, there's a whole collection of sites out there designed to just help you find a niche market!

The easiest place to find your niche is your own personal interests. In 1999, I started a Web site called This Web site was dedicated to fantasy baseball and football. I started the site because fantasy sports was a big hobby of mine and just happened to be a huge niche market. After 10 years, the site had exploded with thousands of registered members and millions of views each month. It wasn't rocket science.

Just find something you have an interest in, share that interest with the world and make it happen. The recipe for online success just might be that easy.