Everyone gets inspired differently, no matter if you're a developer or designer, or even if you're a painter or sculptor. The element we all have in common is the blank canvas we start our days with. To start off I'm going to talk about my second favorite way that I personally get inspired. My number one way is basically staring at the computer waiting for an idea to pop into my head, and seeing as that doesn't give me much material to write about, we'll skip that and go onto the next mode of inspiration. If you are about to design a site, with a specific look and feel in mind, chances are, that someone else has done it, and a pretty good chance that a million other people have done it. So the best thing to do is to check out what's out there online.

Get Inspired, Tip 1:Surf the web for comparable sites

First of all think of the 'style' you're looking to achieve or the 'subject matter'. If it's a particular audience you're going for, such as athletes, look at sports sites such as, ESPN.com, Nike.com, NFL.com, NBA.com. They must be doing something right, so why not take a few pointers from the best in the biz. However, when looking for a very specific style, look and feel, I go straight to the answerer of all my questions, the search engine. For this latest design we completed at lifeBLUE we were going for a very retro/vintage look. So we typed phrases like 'retro websites', 'vintage web design', something along those lines. And we got hundreds of design examples, websites showcasing these styles, portfolio's reflective of what we were looking for, etc. The sites became endless. Here are a handful of examples we found most appropriate for the look we were trying to accomplish:
Now, it's a matter of pulling from elements you admire in the design, adding your own touch, and piecing together your design ideas. Simple as that, right? Well maybe not 'that' simple, but just by scoping out other site designs, you have managed to spark that creative fire and create a foundation for you to start designing from. If anything, it starts you off on the right foot and gives you a good boost!

And for the curious ones out there, here is what the final project looked like for lifeBLUE:


So, just take a few minutes (or this can sometimes turn into hours) and check out what's out there. Maybe a trend you're unaware of, a new design technique, or a simple tip or trick to try. The possibilities in this industry are endless, and change every day, so we've got to keep up. It doesn't hurt to venture out and see what others are doing. Above all else, if you see an idea you like, just aim to make it better!

What websites get your creative juices flowin?