Web designers, like those in any other creative professions, occasionally hit walls when it comes to being creative or coming up with new and interesting ideas. The Internet is like the school bully that cares--it's there to slap you around, steal your lunch money, and give you a Super Atomic Wedgie, but at the same time it's willing to lend you a helping hand when you're down or need inspiration.

Consider me your caring bully. I'm here to show you several good sites that will inspire you the next time you find yourself stuffed in a locker or hanging from the flagpole by your undies:

Smashing Magazine FontsSmashing Magazine has great collections of freebies--their free font round-up should be more than enough to spark your creative fire.http://www.smashingmagazine.com/category/fonts/

Fam Fam Fam IconsOver 1000 free pixel-perfect icons for use in your web sites and applications. These little icons are great for adding subtle touches to menus or actions--and all come on transparent PNG backgrounds that allow you to easily integrate them into your site.

IconsPediaWhere Fam Fam Fam lacks in size (most of their icons are 16 x 16), the icons at IconsPedia make up for it with 256 x 256 glossy-ness. These icons are high-quality, and most all of them come in sizes from 32px by 32px all the way up to 256 x 256. As a bonus, IconsPedia has a great search feature that lets you search for keywords or themes relating to icons.

Woork: The All-In-One SolutionAs my final act of bully-kindness, I'll introduce you to Antonio and his blog, Woork. Woork has great tutorials and resources for both designers and programmers--and most of the stuff he has is free and very well documented on how to use it in your own projects.

Got your own web-design-writer's-block cures? Leave us your best resources in the comments below!