It's true, there's so much more…

For most, Firefox is just another web browser. As long as it allows you to surf the web, play online games, search for a local salon and check your email, who cares what it's called. It's yet another browser to add to the list of browser icons already on our desktop. And what's the difference in the blue 'e' with a Saturn-like ring around it, the compass thing, and the earthly fox anyway? Who knows and who cares, right?

Well for a web developer, these browsers are much more of a big deal to us than to our parents or neighbors. Not only does the abundance of browsers provide chaos in our everyday lives when it comes to getting our sites to look great in all of them equally, but there are also some other features that differ them as well. And as a web developer, I can speak for all of us when saying that we all 'choose sides' and tend to favor one over the others. I personally think that Firefox should take over the world and leave all the others to be forgotten. But I don't own the internets, therefore won't be implementing this any time soon.

Among all other elements that are important when designing and developing websites, such as, making sure it looks right, all the code is doing what it's supposed to, and images are showing properly, Firefox also opens up many doors for web developers in our constant struggle of having some assistance every once in a while. In addition to being the greatest and most compatible, user-friendly browser out there, Firefox also offers several 'add-ons' to help us along the way. They are free, easy to download and use, and right at your finger-tips, if you just only knew they existed.

Here is my fave-5 personal recommendations to use as a good starting point in your addiction with Firefox add-ons:

Web Developer Tools – A must have for web developers, this adds a toolbar to your browser that gives you such options as editing CSS, testing forms, resizing your window to different resolutions, and a slue of others. You will become reliable on the tools this add-on has to offer.
MeasureIt – A nifty ruler to get pixel width and height of elements on a webpage. See a blank area on the page that needs an image? Use this handy tool to see how much real estate you have to work with to crop your image just the right size to fit. This tool can also be used to see how much space you have when working with columned layouts.
Safari View & IE View – I'm grouping this as one because they serve the same purpose. Although we, as developers, would love to just have to test in one browser, we can't forget about the others. With these tools, all you have to do is right click the webpage you are currently on and it will open the same page in another browser. Simple as that!
ColorZilla – Wondering what color that site is using, or needing to match up colors with a design? Use this color picker to rollover a websites colors and get the RGB values, and hexadecimals. No more print screening and taking into Photoshop, you can get what you need directly from your browser.
CSS Validator – Can't quite pinpoint a problem? This add-on will validate any page you're on using the W3C CSS Validator. Stop spending hours trying to figure out what's wrong with your code, when in less than 5 seconds you can receive a list of fixes to be made. Now that's convenient!

This is only a select few of my everday-use add-ons, out of the bazillions that Firefox actually has to offer. Whether you're a web developer or not, the endless amounts of Firefox add-ons will have something for everyone.