Everyone does it; if you are sick you go to a doctor. If you have a question about money you ask your financial advisor. If you want to sell your house you contact a real estate agent. What do all of these people have in common? They are all experts. They are who people turn to when they want to know more about that particular subject or field. Are you an expert? Do others in your industry turn to you for answers? How do you become an expert? The answer is in the internet, of course. Here are seven tips to use the internet on your quest to become an expert in your industry.

  1. Publish content that is of interest and newsworthy.This is one of the biggest things you can do. Just writing about your day, how you feel and what you did last night does not help. Write about topics that affect your co-workers and topics that effect your industry.
  2. Have an opinion. More than just writing about industry topics it is important to take a stance. A great way to get noticed is to say what you think and back it up with facts and reasons.
  3. Keep up with current subjects.Writing about 'old news' will not get you noticed. People want to read about what is happening now. An industry expert is always informed on the latest news and has an opinion worth listening to.
  4. Dress the part (online, of course).Even if you have all of the above checked off if your blog, Twitter (wherever you are publishing information) does not look credible it will take away from what you are saying. Just think about it, even if a restaurant has the best tacos in the city, if the building and parking lot look run down and shady it will not be considered the 'best place to go' or the 'city's hot spot'. It might still get visitors but they will not be what they could if the place looked nice.
  5. Follow other experts.A good tip is to listen to what other industry experts have to say. Whether this is checking their blog frequently or following them on Twitter, find out what are they talking about.
  6. Comment on blogs/articles.While reading what other experts are saying leave comments and thoughts. You could ask a question or present another side to the story.
  7. Join social communities with groups pertaining to your industry and contribute. This is a great way for your name to get recognized and remembered. Connecting with others is an invaluable experience and the internet is a free, quick and easy way to do so.

A decade ago you had to publish a book or speak at a large conference to become an industry expert. With the advancement and popularity of the internet it is much easier to make a name for yourself within your industry.. Keep in mind, experts have a voice and they are not afraid to share it. What is stopping you from becoming the next expert in your field?