We the people at lifeBLUE Media have become quite comfortable with the use of the word 'nerd'. It is certainly not a derogatory term by any means. I would actually consider it almost a term of endearment, well not really, but praise nonetheless. Here are three reasons why you should hug the next person you cross sporting a pocket protector, taped glasses and high watered pants. He might even be that big tall drink of water next to you at Starbucks that eats binary code for breakfast. You wouldn't know he is the soul reason your mobile device has become something you could not live without.

1. NERDs fix things. A nerd is the guy you call frantically asking him to fix the computer that you actually just forgot to turn on (#1 rule of technical support). He is your family member you ask to take a look at your MP3 player when he (or she) comes over for Thanksgiving dinner. Nerds are your technical relief when franchised computer fix-it companies want to charge you $1,000 to fix your $600 laptop.

2. NERDs simplify your life. Justly stated, thank Bill Gates and the writers of MS Word. Can you imagine going back to a typewriter or handwriting your 25 page report for your college final? I don't think so. Long have we taken spell check, sentence formatting, and 2.12 page spacing (that's right you cheaters) for granted. Yes, it costs a little more than a pretty penny but how much is your time worth, not to mention, your household nerd already saved you $600 by fixing your laptop.

3. THE INTERNET! Need I really say more? Of course, originally the Internet was produced by the Rockwell New Mexico aliens who turned it over to the military, who then gave it to us little people for common household use. But it is the nerd's of the world that bring it to your doorstep everyday. From building websites, computers and server management, it is the nerd's of the world that are keeping our Facebook statuses updated. They create endless and mindless games, costing companies billions of dollars and free music thus putting our country's musicians in the poor house (you didn't hear it from me).

Always remember it is a "scorned" nerd that is spamming your email with tales of Nigerian princesses and causing us to pay thousands of dollars for spamware, malware, and whateverelseware. Hell hath no fury like a nerd scorned...trust me. So next time you see a nerd, give him a hug and say thank you, you just might need him someday.