2009 was definitely an exciting year in the web world. At least it has been the most exciting since the prominent emergence of Google. 2009 saw the unleashing prominence of two new browsers; IE8 and Google's Chrome (lucky us, we get more browsers to support!). A new search engine's attempt take on Google, was tried by Bing. And of course it wouldn't be a good year if Microsoft didn't just unload a new operating system, for the sake of washing the Vista taste right out of its mouth. With that being said, lets take a sneak peek at some of the things we might see for 2010. Keep in mind this is just the opinions of a lowly, lowly, lowly web developer who just happens to see it all, all the time. Did I mention lowly?

1. Twitter goes tweet tweet out the door. Thanks Twitters. Its been real, its been fun; but it hasn't been real fun. To me, Twitter was an online chat room when you have nothing else to do. While it won't really go away for good, its value added to the social community has been obviously overshadowed by Facebook, which is not going away just in case you were wondering. But I wouldn't be surprised to see this site go the same way as MySpace. Speaking of Myspace, those poor fellers just don't know what to do with themselves. Every three months, I log in, only to see something they added that Facebook added 12 months ago. I digress....

2. You guessed it, Facebook gets even bigger. Not much of a prediction really, but you have to admire the possibilities Facebook can offer... not only to social stalkers of the world, but businesses as well. Very few businesses are capitalizing on the opportunities Facebook has to offer. While many are hell bent on just generating fans by giving away a cannoli to the next 100 fans, there is still so much potential to use Facebook as an extension to promotions, advertising campaigns, and many other facets of reaching out to one's customer base. As these secrets get unveiled and lowly, lowly web developers and marketeers get creative, FB might actually begin to find a way to get profitable.

3. Bing peeters out. I just don't see Bing being able to complete with Google. The only thing that is going to keep it alive is the fact of who is backing it, but ultimately there just isn't room for another player.

4. Internet via your TV. Ok, I just had to pick something big that no one else is talking about. This currently exists in small doses through gaming systems, but I am predicting standard couch potatoes of the world will get their daily dose of Y&R with the exact same remote and couch position to browse the Internets, all of which to become quite commonplace before year's end.

Ok, take this for what its worth and check back with me in 365 days to see if I am right. Mark your calendars...thanks for listening.