lifeBLUE Media has unleashed its own puzzle movie game for the world to enjoy. In fact I am not sure why you are reading this blog when you could be playing the game.

We call it lifeBLUE 'Romance Cinema'. The really cool part about all of this is that you can win $500 in the 'Share the Love' contest. Its not some random drawing contest either, you can actually control whether or not you win just by placing links to the game throughout the wonderful world wide web.

Many a person has attempted to solve the entirety of this brain buster but zero have conquered. It is precisely the intention of the games creators. Besides nobody really likes something that is too easy do they?

Have you played? Where do you stand:



0-10 I am guessing the word 'romance' makes your brain fry. You are under the age of 3 or maybe you are trying to play this at work when your computer screen is right in front of your boss's office and you can only attempt to answer in between his sips of coffee (and even that is a stretch). But don't give up, there is still hope my young paduan.

11-20 You are now pushing the averages, but not quite there yet. You should probably get more in touch with your feminine side or read People, Glamour, or Cosmo. Regardless, this is not a number to brag about so keep this one to yourself until you can do a little better.

21-30 That is more like it. You are now average, mediocre, par for the course or whatever else you would like to call it. You have accomplished neither a great task nor a small one at this point. Do you stop here in the bowels of normalcy or do you trudge into no man's land destined to become the greatest 'Romance Cinema' genius of all time? That's right I am calling you out.

31-40 I see you have now moved on. I am proud of you, a Jedi you shall soon become. You are definitely smarter than the average bear but loom in the shadows when compared to the geniuses of the world. Do you have what it takes to continue?

41-50 Nerd Alert! Just kidding, you should truly be proud. Very few stand where you now stand. You must have at least won Jeopardy a couple times over by now, but you are at least smarter than a 5th grader. I have no ill words for you my friend. Now just take it a step further.

51-59 WOW! You are amazing. You could probably win American Idol just on sheer mind power alone. Don't go near any Top Secret facilities anytime soon or you might pick up on some information the government will hunt you down for. Knowledge sticks to you like crazy glue. One more to go?

60 Its true! You are the smartest person alive. There will be books written about you some day, not just cheesy romance novels either, but real top selling hardbound books! You put Good Will Hunting, Albert Einstein, and anyone else with an IQ of 1,000,000+ to shame. Everyone now kneels before your greatness.