**** Announcing the lifeBLUE Media "I Need a New Design" Contest ****

There's so much beauty in the world -- despite all those horrendous, two-bit websites made with two lines of code and paper clips.

We at lifeBLUE Media cherish the online aesthetic and want to do our part to bring more beauty to the web. With that in mind, we've decided to give away our sought-after services to the neediest site owner on the web.

Today marks the start of our "I Need a New Design" Contest. We'll give away a free site design to the website deemed the worst by visitor vote. So, if you're constantly bemoaning your awful, highly dysfunctional website, here's a chance to redeem your online presence -- and stick it to your competitors. To learn more about how you can get a spanking-new site, check out the Contest info here.

We'll log and tally votes through Aug. 8 here on lifeBLUE.com, meaning you've got about a month to scrounge as many as you can. So, start thumbing through your Rolodex, pester distant friends and old high school flames and get grandma online to start pleading your case. Post on your blog, email your buddies -- do whatever it takes to bring in the most votes and you'll have a snazzy new website by the fall.

And, for the record, the web designers at lifeBLUE graduated from two lines of code and paper clips a while ago. To get an idea of what kind of revamped website awaits, here's a little look at some of our work in the lifeBLUE portfolio.

Now, let the contest begin. Best of luck to the worst among you. We look forward to sifting through your submissions.