The Best Code You Would Ever Need to Know

Alright, here it is ladies and gents. Impress your friends, family, all of your secret admirees, and maybe even yourself with this tiny piece of information. I am not even joking. This will make you feel like a genius while connecting whoever to whatever web site you want…whenever. Are you ready for it…Here it comes!

<a href="">Web Design Company</a>

Of course I would like you to use this specific reference and plaster it all over your site, but then this article might not be so beneficial to you when it comes to impressing those listed above. This is a standard HTML coding tag that websites use to link other URLs. Have you ever right clicked on a site and viewed the source code? Odds are you will find this similar code in abundance throughout those millions of other characters and what nots displayed on the page.

It is simple as it looks:

(a href) is the HTML tag that says 'Hey web browser, I am about to display a link here' is the actual URL that the link goes to. So you can put any up and running website address in this spot.

Web Design Company is the text displayed to click on the link.

</a> as any good HTML person would know, you always have to close out your tags.

Now you are saying 'Okay nerd face, what good does knowing this mind boggling information do me.' Well I will tell you. Try typing out this code on a notepad document>Save it> and open it with your favorite web browser. There it is. You can also include it any website, profile, e-mail, etc that allows HTML. Well I believe I have done my good deed of the day. So long.