We've touched on this before, but it's so important that we decided to return. Anyone who claims that search is cooling off is likely to have pants ablaze.

But even we were a bit shocked when we read recently that 20 to 25 percent of the searches conducted by Google represent brand-new queries that have never been seen before (Thanks to SEOmoz for the reminder). Stop for a second and think about that. It's simply astounding, considering the millions of searches enacted each day on the Search Engine of Search Engines.

It also underscores how challenging the field of search engine optimization and marketing can be at times, given the ever-changing nature of so many key elements. But that rate of spanking-new searches should also be a big red flag to companies and website operators -- if you're not investing in SEM/SEO services, you're probably going to get more and more lost amid the shuffle of the online marketplace.

Keeping pace with that amazing rate of new searches is a tough job. It's easy for companies to fall behind or fail to capture the wave of potential flooding Google every day.

Get your head above water. Give some serious thought to the importance SEM/SEO strategies can play when it comes to your bottom line. lifeBLUE can help you serve those millions of new searches every day.