Oops! I Did it Again...Give Me Give Me More

Britney Spears…who, what? What did she do again? Nothing is the honest truth. So then what is this article about? Don't worry about that quite yet. Let's get back to the Britney topic. Did you see that performance? I believe I have now gone through all the phases of the grief cycle for Britney. I have certainly been in shock, denial to say the least, anger and depression to the hilt, and now, thankfully, I am on the road to acceptance and recovery. It is now truly at the point of empathy. The poor girl just does not know which way to turn. Don't worry Britney, I am behind you 100 ½ %.

Well it would not be a good web industry related blog if I did not tie all of this to some higher meaning subject. So in honor of Britney's downfall, today's topic is truly Oops! I Did it Again. What is the Oops? The oops is the fact that you chose the wrong company to do your web design development and marketing….Again! So in order to better help you get through this mistake, let's go through the grief cycle for choosing the wrong web design company.

Shock – That's right. You both saw your results and went into a vegetative state, or it has been months down the road and you are shocked your site isn't the next hottest thing on the market. Breathe deep, its okay. Either someone did not tell you what you needed, you didn't know, or your odds of success stood where most new un-marketed, un-targeted websites are…not good.

Denial – Go ahead and deny for a while. It lets us clear our head and come back to the problem once the initial emotion is gone.

Anger- Anger is okay too; let us keep it simple though. Crush a can or even hit your head a few times on a well padded wall…but not too hard, we don't want forget what has happened and then have to start the process all over again.

Depression – It would probably be a good idea to skip this one if at all possible. Nobody benefits from depression. Think happy thoughts, like what could happen if you choose the right web design company.

Testing – Let's start searching for the right professional web company. Test the waters and see who is not going to let you do the same mistake?

Acceptance – Ahhh…here we are…recovery at last. Use your past mistakes and input to help pave the way for new found glory. Don't worry, that sorry excuse for a site you are currently using can be undone with a snap of the fingers.

Do you feel better…are you still reading? If you need to go over these steps with an expert website consultation provider then call us. We are here to help. Now if only a quality, well marketed website could help my girl Britney…if only.