So you love your website, eh? Well why don't you marry it? Ha, ha, ha…High Five. My sincere apologies for that one as I briefly escape back to 1st Grade. Okay, I am back now, but the real question is, does your user base love/like/enjoy your website. At lifeBLUE, we like to have our customers involved with the design process for several reasons.

  1. Most of our clients have established businesses and know their customer base better then we ever could.
  2. Our client is our customer and (say it with me)…'the customer is always right.' Well some of the time but that is the purpose of this post.
  3. Our clients come to us with a need and we want to work with our clients to understand their need(s) as much as possible.

So what is the problem? Everybody is happy, right? Not necessarily, as sometimes when you are involved with creating a website, goals and end states can become lost in the fun of going through the process. While you may think some flashy graphic or wild background is appealing, your customers might not. What most users want is to get to the purpose of your website quickly, painlessly, and with a little glitz and glamour along the way. Not to mention, you also want them to come back. Whenever a design is created, one could have a 100 people analyze it, and while most would say they like it, each and everyone would probably try to change some aspect of the site to their specific tastes. PHP and HTML have not quite reached ESP capabilities yet, so I don't think your website is automatically going to conform to each individual's tastes every time they view your home page.

In the end you should work with your developer and listen to their feedback about what is good usability standards for design and functionality, and what is going to make your users tuck tail and run. If you have chosen the right company, then you should be able to trust their feedback. Create a site that appeals to the masses or your customer base, not just what mood or creative flare you are feeling for the day. We create custom designs for targeted solutions and in the end, if you want to put that giant gorilla sale balloon on your website, we just might have to attach a disclaimer.