Unfortunately, our topic of the day is not Fergie's really awesome song about how she is still keeping it real after all of the bling-bling and fame-fame. The subject of the day is style and design concepts for your website. What is too much and what is not enough?

What type of design should you use? Artistic, plain, flashy or even, um, glamorous? A complicated decision, no doubt, but fortunately for you, we can come up with the right mix based on a few key concepts from your targeted audience. Let's break down some of these more commonly targeted classes and see what fits your business model. Ultimately, as we always say, it's your website. In the end, though, what matters more: Pleasing your tastes or the people who visit your site?

Business to Business – Most business-to-business websites should be clean-cut and professional to a large degree. When you are catering to a business, your users want easy-to-find informational pages without going through a montage of collapsible pages, pop-up ads and large graphics that download at a glacial pace. More than the average consumer, business put a lot more thought into who they are going to do business with. Therefore, it is best not to try and blind them with fancy ads and words. Rather, provide them with the information they seek, and you are most likely to see a better return on your traffic.

Online Consumers – Online consumer sites can afford a little more glitz and glam than the average B2B site. However, your user range is far more diverse, including types of PCs used and connection speeds of those users. So, if you go too far on the flashy side, you are going to hamper the site usability for a large portion of your users. Not a great idea in such a highly competitive arena, where the war of attrition, in terms of conversions, is a battle you have to win. Try focusing on a user-friendly, graphically appealing yet theme-friendly design that emphasizes what you sell and do, but does not take away from your products.

Direct Traffic - This refers to the traffic where the users are specifically seeking your website, such as a restaurant, fan site or some other attraction. With this type of website, you are far more likely to have your targeted user narrowed down. This characteristic affords you the opportunity to be more creative and dynamic with your design. Your end goal is to provide users with information while captivating them by highlighting the uniqueness and more robust qualities of your business. This can be accomplished through flash animation design, scrolling colorful pictures and a wide range of other techniques to enhance the user's experience while on your site.

Whatever your business model, remember design is vital on a variety of different levels, depending on your targeted user. View our design portfolio and see what matches your structure and desires. We're here to help.