The ease of online shopping is becoming ever more efficient for large retailers.

We're still a bit uncertain about this ever-expanding trend for some items. There will always be some things that require a trip away from the keyboard: Think gas, milk and eggs for starters. Those highly perishable items can't survive the Ace Ventura version of package delivery.

Yet, we don't think there is a single business out there that could fail to benefit from selling its products or services online. If nothing else, remember that online shopping can be very impulse-intensive, because of its convenience and non-physical nature. However, the art and science behind operating and conducting an efficient online business entity is not easily achieved.

Online shoppers can be the pickiest of all shoppers, and a good website should cling tightly to this fact. A properly designed website, along with a well managed Internet marketing campaign, are just a few of the many facets to consider when aiming for a piece of that online shopping pie.

Mmmm....Pie! You can even buy those online.