From start to finish, an often overlooked element of website design is the application work that occurs beneath all the fancy images dancing across your screen.

Applications and programming functions are the magic behind the scenes that truly make a website great. Any time you type something in a field, search a category or do anything other than simply click a direct link, a feature built upon hours worth of programming brings the page before your eyes in a matter of seconds - or minutes if you're using grandpa's home computer from the Dark Ages.

All the information that just flew across your screen has been sitting in a database, kicking and screaming for a shot at human consumption. All you had to do was type in the right word and set it free. How much user interactivity would you like on your website? Do you want your users to upload pictures, create personal pages, play games, store personal information, record favorite pages visited and wish lists? Or would you like to manage your website's content, keep track of inventory, monitor traffic and even monitor pretty much anything you can imagine? The list can go on forever. A great application can make using your website dramatically simple, both for you and your users.

Now how does all this work, you ask? You can crack a turtle with some of the ultra-thick books that explain it. So, if you want to do the research yourself, pull up a chair and pencil in the next light-year to get good and educated on the subject. Or, you can simply tell our experts how you would like your website to function, and let their light-years of education and experience make the magic happen.

When it comes to Application Development, we can make almost anything happen. We just need your vision. Our passionate experts will take care of the rest. Custom Application Development is just one of our many specialties.

Unless, of course, you've got a light-year to spare.

Save a turtle. Call lifeBLUE.